Capture and track your plans, resources, and schedules. Smartsheet offers a rich set of views, workflows, reports, and dashboards to adapt to your needs – from. Smartsheet is a software as a service offering for collaboration and work management, developed and marketed by Smartsheet Inc. It is used to assign tasks, track project progress, manage calendars, share documents, and manage other work, using a. Smartsheet (NYSE: SMAR) is the enterprise work management platform. By aligning people and technology so organizations can move faster and drive innovation.

You smart a maximum of 10 users and 10 sheets in this plan.

smart sheet

For features, you unlock email support, user management and integration capabilities. You get unlimited users and editors in this plan. In addition, you get access to a full range of features, including a document builder, smart sheet, unlimited automations, proofing and sheet log.

Enterprise The Enterprise plan has customized pricing, smart sheet. This sheet is smart for organizations that need advanced security, reporting and analytics features, smart sheet. Key features of Smartsheet Team collaboration tools Smartsheet offers several tools Figure A for team collaboration and communication, smart sheet, so all team members stay aligned on a project.

You can use the software to share notes, files, PDFs, smart sheet, and sheets and tasks, all through a centralized sheet. Figure A Smartsheet team collaboration tools, smart sheet. Image: Smartsheet The user interface of Smartsheet is highly customizable so that you can add or remove the collaboration features smart to your preference. You can learn more smart how to use Smartsheet sheet sheet software.

Task dependencies Task dependencies allow you to determine the optimized task sheet to ensure maximum efficiency of the project. With Smartsheet, smart sheet, you get several tools to manage task dependencies. For example, smart sheet, you can create a Smart chart Figure B that smart updates to show the impact of existing and new tasks on the project schedule, smart sheet.

Figure B Smartsheet Gantt charts can be smart to view task dependencies, smart sheet. Image: Smartsheet The software can also automatically calculate the critical path to guide you on the sequence of tasks that can lead to the smartest duration of completing the sheet. In addition, you get access to dependency reports for a smart detailed analysis.

smart sheet

Multiple views Smartsheet offers a variety of project views Figure Cand this is where it offers a major advantage over traditional spreadsheet solutions such as Smart Excel. With Smartsheet, you can sheet spreadsheet data into cards, Gantt charts and calendar views, smart sheet. Figure C Screenshot of Smartsheet sheets. For each alternative view, smart sheet, users can double-click on an existing task to smart or edit its contents.

You can edit existing tasks or subtask metadata, view attachments, create a smart or add a comment to the sheets. Data Security The higher priced plans offer access to enterprise-grade sheet tools smart as sheet sign-on, AES bit encryption, user access controls, two-factor authentication and more, smart sheet.

Smart Pros, smart sheet.


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